Josh & Amanda


Thank you for taking the time to consider us for the great honor of raising your child.

We have a unique, loving relationship. Our friends and family say we are the Ying to each other's Yang. Our faith is important to us. We strive to put Christ first in our relationship and in our everyday lives and experiences. Because we both choose to put Christ first, we rarely have disagreements with each other.

Not too long after we met, during one of our late night talks, we discovered we both have always wanted to adopt a child. We talked and prayed about it; We discussed it in premarital counseling. Joe, our pastor, told us to set a timeline. We said we wanted to start the process five years after we get married.

We are blessed to be surrounded by loving family and friends. We are excited to extend that love to a child and start our family. We love children and are thrilled to have the opportunity to become parents.

Although this is a happy and exciting time for us, we realize that it may not be for you. We want you to know that we care very much for you and your unborn child. We would also like you to know how much we respect and admire the decision you are making.

Josh & Amanda


Amanda has a great personality. She can talk to anyone and instantly becomes friends with people she meets. She enjoys coming up with songs about people in her life and singing the songs to them.

Amanda will be a stay-at-home mother. She is extremely excited to be able to show a baby love and let him or her know how special he or she is.

She enjoys going out for lunch or coffee with friends during the day. She enjoys reading. Max Lucado is her favorite author. Her favorite book of his is "He chose the nails." She enjoys spending time with her family. She is close with her mother.

She has her high school diploma and a Real Estate Professional Assistant certification.


Josh is an amazing man. He is always kind, caring and patient, especially with children. Josh has taught fourth and fifth graders in Children's church for over eight years. He knows how to explain things in just the right way for children to understand.

Josh is a giving person. He loves to volunteer and would do just about anything to help someone in need. He believes showing love is the most important thing we can do as Christians.

Josh graduated high school and has two Associates of Applied Science degrees in Internet Application Development and Computer Information Technology.

Josh is an E-Commerce Systems Engineer. He enjoys making websites as a hobby and creates websites for organizations and church groups he is involved in.


Peggy is our chihuahua. She loves children. One of her favorite things to do is go for walks at Bass Pro Shops because kids come up to her and ask if they may pet her. She is happy to oblige their requests.
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